November 29, 2010

Message from Chris

I spotted him from across the gym.  I found him wandering the the gym floor looking up at the marvelousness of architecture.  I could tell he was new to the gym -- being one of the trainers on staff, I had never seen him before.  I asked if I could help him find something...that's how it started -- our friendship.  Raj became one of my clients with the grand goal of wanting to fight MMA.  He had a spark in his eyes that only hinted at the raging fire that burned in his heart.  He was passionate.  Seemingly, about everything!  He may not have been one of my most
gifted athletes, but he never quit.  In our sessions he proved to have an insatiable appetite for training.  On some of our particular grueling workout sessions he would end up flat on his back exhausted laughing -- LAUGHING!  Raj was a beast (a term we use affectionately in the gym).  First, he was my client.  But he became my friend.  I miss him dearly, but the passion and drive he instilled in me is with me forever.

Deepest love, respect, and affection,
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