December 1, 2010

Message from Brian

Friends & Family of My Dear Brother Raj,

Thank you for this beautiful commemoration of Raj's work. I was and am proud to call Raj brother, as we were brothers in spirit. 

I share this story with you all because I cannot think of any better way to remember him. Raj and I became involved in charity:water together through a mutual friend. charity:water suggests that on your birthday, you ask friends to donate to their cause as your birthday present. Raj and I were inspired by this idea, and I put up the post on my facebook during my birthday, April 17th, as it came first.The next morning I was astounded to see over $600 in donations! I quickly checked to see who had donated. Several family and friends had, but Raj had single-handedly donated $500. It was the greatest birthday present I ever received, and it has challenged, inspired, and given me hope ever since. I'll be sure to post this story on Facebook and invite my friends to donate in his memory.

I know that Raj intentionally brought great people into his life, as he was intentional about everything he did, so please feel free to say hello. I'd be honored to get to know you.

Much Peace & Love, 
Brian Sowards

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