January 3, 2011

Message from Raji Krishnaswami


I must admit I have an interesting connection to Raj. In the electronic music scene from "back in the day", I was perhaps the original "Raj", and Raj Shahani was "TranceyRaj". I spent alot of time with him at this or that nightclub around the millennium and in the first half of the decade, and when I moved to Japan he probably became the pre-eminent "Raj". I used to chastise him for sullying our good name with his questionable taste in Trance music and after returning from overseas, I became the "not-TranceyRaj Raj", and I would have to often introduce myself as such to avoid confusion. 

One of our few ventures out of that, he dragged me out to the old Meadowlands with him and 2 of his friends to watch a soccer exposition match. I was not a soccer fan yet so that may speak to his powers of persuasion.  He sent some pictures from the match. As he was the photographer, he's not included in these photos. However, like a film director you might study from the past, you migh
t learn more about him from his mind's eye than a picture OF him. So, I thought you should have these for your  site, and feel free to post my note, as that's my best memory of that bloody TranceyRaj ;-)

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