His Life


Raj was born on April 6, 1979.  As a child he had boundless energy, insatiable curiosity and an eye for mischief. His childhood amusements included Calvin and Hobbes, Ninjas, WWF Wrestling and video games- all the video games he could get his little hands on!

Raj was a child of  the internet age and by adulthood he had mastered the art of all things computer related. Music also played a vital role in his life. He shared his soul with others through the music he loved. He reminded us to feel the beat and just dance...

He was a food enthusiast whose greatest joy came from cooking and feeding others. 
And of course Raj will be remembered for his love of tea. He had an extensive collection of teas which he lovingly shared with everyone whose path he crossed. Raj's famous first words upon entering his home were "Sit... I'll make you tea!" 

Raj had an infectious zest for life and he tried to make a difference wherever he went. As one of his friends said, "Raj will be remembered as someone who went out of his way to guide, inspire and shine a bright light on looming darkness." 

Son, brother, uncle, friend, entrepreneur, sherpa, and our most angelic peaceful warrior. 
Raj, your light shines on...


Video created by Raj's cousin, Renuka Bhatia


Raj's Interests
Social Entrepreneurship, Philanthropy, Technology, Personal Development, Health and Wellness, Yoga, Meditation, Mixed Martial Arts, Music, World Travel

Raj's Favorite Books
Edgar Lee Masters, The Art of Happiness, The Giving Tree, Kitchen Confidential, Bushido Way of the Samurai, Siddhartha, The Mating Mind, Shambala the Sacred Path of the Warrior, As a Man Thinketh, The Tao Te Ching, Think and Grow Rich, The 4-Hour Workweek