His Vision

"Each of us can change the world by giving"
-Raj Shahani 


charity: water

Why charity: water
Raj was a strong supporter of the nonprofit organization charity: water whose mission is to bring clean and safe drinking water to people in developing nations through wells, water towers and other sustainable water solutions such as taankas. A taanka is a traditional rainwater harvesting technique meant to provide drinking water and water security for one family or a small group of families in a community.

Raj believed in charity: water's mission and set a personal goal to raise money for 100 water projects. In March 2010, he donated the funds for the first of these 100 projects. This donation funded a water tower which provides clean water to 54 families in a remote village in India (see photo to right).
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With Raj's life cut short at the age of 30, his family has been committed to carrying forward his vision of providing clean water to those in need. Our deepest and sincere thanks to all who have donated to our charity: water campaign. 

Total donations received:
$140,875 = 49 Water Projects




Why Kiva
Raj was an active supporter of Kiva whose mission is to alleviate poverty by allowing people to make micro loans to small businesses around the globe. Raj personally made 185 loans between March 2008 and March 2010 to help individuals build their businesses and better their lives. Raj's hope was to get more people involved in micro loaning. Giving through Kiva will let us honor his wishes, his memory and his life. Raj's family has set up a dedicated page on the Kiva website where you can join his team and make loans in his memory. 

Click here to view the Raj Shahani Kiva Memorial Lending Team